Not just a media buyer and a production house- we build your marketing strategy!

The right message. At the right time. To the right audience.

Let Aces Media Solutions use OUR EXPERIENCE to INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS now!

Aces Media Solutions is a national advertising agency based in Austin, Texas. We can build your business on a local, regional or national scale using our talented team of media planners and production artists. 

Our Work

We can build your advertising campaign to brand your business or promote an event or sale.

We can develop marketing strategies for your business so you can enjoy increased sales and exposure!

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The bottom line is…



Our Services

Why try to build your business by yourself?

We deal with the media vendors and outlets, so you don’t have to, saving time and money… and headache!

Why not let Aces Media Solutions handle ALL your advertising needs? Aces Media Solutions offers cutting edge and creative commercials, print ads, digital media and much more!

Target the commercials to YOUR AUDIENCE.

The idea is to “campaign” your business when and where it is needed. The placement will be when the audience is looking, listening and watching.

ACES owner, Scott Bennett, works in the Austin media, so we offer INSIDER, knowledge-based media buys

Quick turnaround on any media production because we have our own production house.

We are a “one-stop shop” that can promote your business in multiple ways that create synergy to get your message out to the most people.

The experience behind this took years to perfect.

Video Production

We can produce high quality videos for your business to run on web sites, tv networks and even movie theaters! We can also handle the media buying, to save you that headache and save you money!


We help bring the right voice to your business. Our production experience, marketing knowledge and voiceover talent will target your listening audience.


We provide a variety of digital marketing tools, including web design, web site search optimization, geo-targeting and digitally advertising your business, all the while targeting your perfect audience.

Traditional Advertising

Aces can save you money and advise you on the traditional advertising avenues such as radio, tv, print and outdoor.

We Also Do:

  • Consultation
  • Media Buying
  • Audio/Video
  • Copywriting
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Social media
  • Outdoor


ACES MEDIA SOLUTIONS was founded in Round Rock, Texas by Scott Bennett. He was born in Austin and began life as a baby DJ and drummer and evolved into a voice-over artist and producer. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Radio, Television and Film. Though he planned to go into radio, Scott instead used his media knowledge to consult businesses all over the United States. In 2007, he took his knowledge and formed ACES MEDIA SOLUTIONS. He eventually ended up in radio anyway, joining the popular KOKE and Cole in the Morning Show on KOKE-FM in Austin! Now Scotty has joined forces with Amber Sorensen on Texas Nights with Scotty and Amber on KOKE FM in Austin. They have also partnered on Aces Media Solutions . They lead a team of production specialists, web designers, media buyers and creative thinkers that can make your business grow and thrive in this ever changing media atmosphere, whether its local or national.


We offer insider, knowledge-based media buys that target the commercials to YOUR AUDIENCE. Contact us online, by phone or by email to learn more about how our experience can help grow your business.

Send us a message below or give us a call at 512-699-0704